Candles in the Dark - A Seminar by Larken & Amanda Rose
WITH Larken & amAnda Rose
The Most Dangerous Superstition is the belief in authority. A lot of people feel they can't talk about topics such as voluntaryism without being criticized, becoming frustrated, or having a negative reaction from the people around them.

Candles in the Dark is a method to give you the tools to change the way you communicate, in order to liberate your conversations.
9/28 - 9/29 Fort Worth, Texas
In order to spread this message far and wide.
Candles in the dark will be filming the weekend of September 28 - September 29 in Fort Worth, Texas. While the primary goal will be to film the entire program for online distribution, all content will be covered in front of a live audience. 

Everyone in attendance during these dates will receive complimentary access to the finished website, including a video of the seminar, associated reading materials, and access to the community when it is done.
Signed. If you are into that sort of thing ;)
Everyone in attendance will receive a free (TANSTAAFB) complimentary copy of  The Most Dangerous Superstition
Attend Candles in the Dark
Address information will be sent after purchase - The cost of attendance is $145 and includes:
  • Attendance: Attend the LIVE recording of Candles in the Dark - Q&A - Freedom Networking - Deprogramming statists LIVE
  • Sustenance: Lunch is included on both days. No need for a brown paper bag! (restaurants within walking distance)
  • Continuance: A free copy of The Most Dangerous Superstition to share with a friend. Access to the finished product.
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